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turnkey projects

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Maintenance & Customer Support Services

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Project Management Services

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Our Executive Team

Krishan Aggarwal - Chief Executive Officer - GloTech Process Solutions"

More than 35 years of International experience in Engineering, Projects & Business Management across a range of industry segments. Krishan has built a reputation and credibility for delivering superior outcomes and for ensuring that customers always receive a win-win outcome.

Krishan Aggarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Our Process


  • Phone
  • Existing Customers Referral
  • Industry Contacts Referral
  • Outbound Cold Call
  • Website/Social Media
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Customer Interaction

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to understand customer requirements or problems.
  • Site survey; to collect all the facts
  • Validate requirements

Internal Review

  • Detailed review of data collected
  • Summary of findings

Customer Engagement

  • Value propositions¬†
  • Present business case analysis¬†
  • Finalise technical scope and parameters

Project Execution

  • Consulting assignment; detailed review, analysis, present report
  • Capital projects; detailed design, engineering, drawings & specs,¬† Procurement, mfg, site installation, commisioning, handover, training, ongoing support
  • Servicing; Design/eng/equipment selection, Procurement & installation (if needed), Site works
  • Output; We deliver on all our deliverables and complete our scope of work
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  • Follow up to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Ongoing support if needed, we are here to assist you

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Our Past Projects

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