Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

To begin with, GloTech team has the extensive experience, knowledge, skills, business tools and successful track record of undertaking complete end to end projects on turnkey basis. Actually, the projects have been undertaken not only within Australia but at several project sites in overseas locations.

As we have grown in overseas markets, we consciously focused on understanding local challenges. We adapted ourselves & modified our business model to suit the specific requirements of each project. The company have modularized & standardized some of its designs & services. So that they are delivered in a time and cost-efficient manner. We have been acknowledged and rewarded by several industry forums.


GloTech offers turnkey installations in the following areas:

Press Optimisation

GloTech team provides key services, Press Optimisation for instance. The process could involve multiple facets but this often relates to spread the exhaust air in a safe and energy efficient manner. Just like others, optimization process offers multiple benefits. For example, reusing waste exhaust heat to reduce energy requirements & costs, reducing the net volumes of exhaust air thereby reducing the size of VOC Abatement Units (RTO Units), and reduced capital investment in RTO Unit.

Since the solvent is loaded, exhaust air needs to be recirculated to the press, wherein it collects further quantities of solvent. The system design incorporates very firm PLC controlled safety systems, which operates in an autonomous manner while maintaining system safety and integrity. GloTech has successfully undertaken multiple press optimisation projects in Australia and at several locations in Asia. The outcomes ranged from 50 – 60% reduction in energy required for heating process air, 50 – 60% reduction in the size of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO Units), less than half the land space for the installation of RTO Unit and many others benefits.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO Units)

RTO Units are the most popular and highly energy efficient devices. In other words, it is used to destroy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air

Pollutants (HAPs), and even Orodous Emissions that are present in the process air being exhausted by a range of manufacturing units that use solvents.

The units destroy pollutants through the process of high temperature thermal oxidation. With the use of required level of high temperature in the combustion chamber and adequate residence time to convert polluting solvents to carbon dioxide and water vapor. At the time of starting up the RTO Unit, the combustion chamber is heated to the required temperature through burning of natural gas. After achieving the required chamber temperature, the processed air is injected to the RTO Unit. As a result, it travels to the combustion chamber through the ceramic bed. However, if the concentration of solvents is maintained above certain levels, the ignition of solvents becomes a heat- releasing process.

With the use of Poppet valves, airflow direction can alternate into the media beds to maximize the energy recovery within the RTO Unit. High energy recovery within the RTO Units reduces the auxiliary fuel requirements, therefore saves the operating cost. It is neither a manufacturer of RTO Units nor any representative relationship with any RTO Unit manufacturer.

GloTech team has deep knowledge and experience with majority of global RTO Unit manufacturers. The company take advantage of its credibility, industry and product knowledge plus experience, so that they can provide turnkey RTO Installations for the specific requirements of each individual customer. GloTech services includes selection and sizing of the RTO Unit, sourcing the unit through global procurement process, installation plus commissioning, moreover, a personnel training and post installation preventive maintenance service support.

Cooling and Chilled Water System Optimisation

Majority of manufacturing plants require large volumes of water for process, cooling or chilling applications. The cost of water and the cost of energy associated with cooling & chilling of the water as well as for circulating the water in the plant, can be quite significant. Often, water is never an area of focus and therefore tends to have system inefficiencies, heat losses, leakages and general wastage.

Any plant upgrades or expansion generally increases water requirements, necessitating capital investment in cooling towers, chilled water units and other associated equipment, besides increased electricity costs.
One of the services that GloTech offers is the review and optimization of process, cooling & chilled water systems and water circulation networks. GloTech engineers consider the water requirements as designed & specified by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Compare it to the actual usage based on detailed measurements and develop a scientific, business case understanding of system status and efficiency. Based on the findings, GloTech engineers design, propose and undertake water system improvement projects which includes PLC controlled automation and other modifications to automate the system and reduce ongoing costs.
GloTech has delivered process, cooling and chilled water system efficiency improvements ranging from 20 – 50% with significant cost reductions at very nominal investments.

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