Our Projects

GloTech Process Solutions Portfolio Melbourne

This was the first project of this magnitude in an overseas location and remains today being the biggest single site project undertaken. Customer’s requirements were evaluated in critical details to create a focused and effective solution. 13 presses and laminators were developed, and their air exhausts were collected & delivered to RTO Units for the destruction of polluting solvents.

VOC Abatement Project 2

Not long after GloTech commenced our work on VOC Abatement Project 1, as a result to that, the same client engaged GloTech us to commence work at another site. While the number of presses and laminators connect was lesser at 7. There were significant risks related to site and system safety, with presented several involvements, very firm design requirements, installation of additional safety devices and modification of original equipment.
Furthermore, building limitations also meant adapting to new and innovative mechanical designs.

VOC Abatement Project 3

The most technical challenging project we encountered. This site has 12 printing presses and laminators, every press however had the added complexity of using water-based solvent on the last station. So further to our optimisation design, a complete new design of separating the water-based exhaust has to be included. This resulted in far more complex programming, design and installation.

VOC Abatement Project 4

This project needs to be done as quickly as it started. The site was under massive pressure from the local and national authorities for compliance with VOC emissions.
GloTech was able to work with the site in completing the project and ensuring the site was up to the required standards in a very quick time frame. With the use of old and new machines being relocated from all over the country, the site went through a complete repair while our system was being installed.

VOC Project 5

VOC Project 5 was a very tough but rewarding project in the end. To date, probably the toughest assignment GloTech has undertaken in terms of size. With an impressive factory building measuring over 200m in width, the project was grand in its scope. Adding to the difficulty, was the fact that all presses and laminators had their exhaust fans located in a small mezzanine floor. As a result, this was making the connections extremely difficult and restricted.
With 11 machines connected to a high-capacity RTO on over 1km of ducting, this project is one that we take huge pride in.

VOC Abatement Project 6

Working for this project started at a similar time to VOC Project 5. After the difficulties of the previous project, this one seemed relatively easier. Only 5 printing presses needs to be optimized and connected, but with supply for more machines in the future.
Having a few projects under our belt by now, we had standardized our approach to this project. The real complexity for this came with the ducting required to be done on the roof of 3-story buildings, with ducting running through floors and up onto the roof.