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GloTech Process Solutions is a well-established and respected engineering consultancy in Melbourne and turnkey project management organisation with ongoing assignments in Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and India. We are also a business with specialized knowledge and expertise to assist clients in improving their atmospheric solvent emissions, better management of carbon footprint and impressive productivity improvements.

Though GloTech was relatively a young organization,  the team has significant global experience. They build a perfect record of success, as well as an impressive customer base who engage Glotech services in an ongoing basis. We have recently completed eight (8) large environmental projects in Asia and all the projects have been successfully handed over to our clients. 

" About Us - GloTech Process Solutions "
" Who is GloTech? - GloTech Process Solutions "

All our projects have been operating well and delivering desired outcomes. GloTech, being a respected engineering consultancy in Melbourne works mostly with companies in Australasian region but, moderately and carefully expanding our reach to other regions with assignment and prospect in South American region. As a matter of fact, an assignment in Brazil brought impressive productivity improvements to our client, and now they are recommending us to their industry peers.

Since we have grown in overseas markets, we should understand the local challenges and adapt ourselves to modify our business to suit in the specific requirements of each project. Thus, we have standardized some of our services to deliver a timely and cost-efficient manner. This is something expected from a respected engineering consultancy in Melbourne. As a result, the company was acknowledged and rewarded by several industry forums. 

On the other hand, it was initially set up to work with Flexible Packaging and Printing Industry. However, we are no longer limited to the industry segment alone. GloTech has extended association, in-depth experience and credibility within the chosen industry segments making us a renowned and respected engineering consultancy in Melbourne. As evidenced by our extensive reach, we are all poised and ready to cover more territories.

Our Process


  • Phone
  • Existing Customers Referral
  • Industry Contacts Referral
  • Outbound Cold Call
  • Website/Social Media
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Customer Interaction

  • Meeting with key stakeholders to understand customer requirements or problems.
  • Site survey; to collect all the facts
  • Validate requirements

Internal Review

  • Detailed review of data collected
  • Summary of findings

Customer Engagement

  • Value propositions 
  • Present business case analysis 
  • Finalise technical scope and parameters

Project Execution

  • Consulting assignment; detailed review, analysis, present report
  • Capital projects; detailed design, engineering, drawings & specs,  Procurement, mfg, site installation, commisioning, handover, training, ongoing support
  • Servicing; Design/eng/equipment selection, Procurement & installation (if needed), Site works
  • Output; We deliver on all our deliverables and complete our scope of work
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  • Follow up to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Ongoing support if needed, we are here to assist you


In my 20 years of engineering career, I came across a number of organisations, who perform well and above their KPIs. In 2014, while I was at Innovia Security PTY Ltd in the capacity of Engineering Manager, I was looking for someone in Australia or overseas, who could guide and help me in VOC control and air balancing in our presses. I had spoken to a few organisations local and overseas, but I was not convinced that anyone could help or could give a perfect solution. Even if they had suggested a solution, it needed major capital expenditure.

During this search, I came across a young organisation on very experienced shoulders. Glotech Process Solutions, under the leadership of Krishan Aggarwal, had put their hands up and suggested that they have the expertise to do the work. Glotech’s engineering team worked in my plant and presented a successful solution. The solution they provided me was “out of square” I must admit. They have got the best thinktank in the market when it comes to engineering solutions, more specifically when it comes to dealing with chemicals/VOC and managing engineering projects.

They have been on board with me at my new site at GrainCorp Foods Pty Ltd to work on potential projects for us. I am looking forward to work with them on ventures in the near future.
Baljit BansalManufacturing Engineer
GrainCorp Limited
Formerly Engineering Manager at Innovia (Now CCL)
GloTech provided us with the opportunity to work with them on their challenging projects. It is always a pleasure to be part of a company that values suppliers equally as their clients. We were motivated by their commitment, especially on their overseas projects which enabled us to improve and learn a lot.

Lessons Learnt: Great detail to design, never compromise on quality, listen to suppliers and respect their suggestions, and many more.

We value their support as a client and always willing to partner with GloTech to carry out their future projects. And, most importantly – they have never failed on their payments, on time every time!
Arunkumar SrinivasuluAutomation Consultant & Director
Apta Automation
In my role as an RnD and Government Incentives consultant, I have been in a somewhat privileged position of knowing Krishan personally for over 10 years, while also knowing the historical roots of GloTech, actively assisting and observing evolution of GloTech Process Solutions from its conception only 5 years ago to where the company is today.

I was always in awe of how Krishan and his relatively small (but mighty) team of process engineers were able to conceive, design and deliver major VOC abatement projects initially in Australia and eventually taking the company’s expertise and technology globally.

Krishan’s and Rishabh’s professionalism, entrepreneurial drive and a unique combination of commercial, managerial and technical skills coupled with deep understanding of the industry needs and VOC abatement technology enables GloTech to design and successfully deliver often unique, highly tailored, safe, large, complex and cost effective solutions for customers in Printing, Coating, Laminating and Flexible Packaging industry.
Alex PaykinDirector
RnD360 Advisory Group
It's a pleasure to work closely with Krishan and the team at GloTech for a number of years consecutively. GloTech's expertise in its specialty industry, a global reach in the Southeast Asia region, plus an efficient and scalable management style allows the company to secure opportunities globally in order to grow beyond the scope of Australian domestic market.
Cecil LiOperations Manager
Formerly Senior Consultant, Incentives and Innovation at PwC Australia
GloTech has been the service provider of VOC management system of our plant. They have a vast experience in the VOC management systems and controls. Very skilful and professional team
Mayank YadavElectrical Engineer – Reliability and Maintenance

Our Clients & Value Proposition Associates

We’re lucky to work with some of the best clients around garnered over the years for being a respected engineering consultancy in Melbourne.  We would love for you to become a partner! Our team includes experts from many fields who are ready to help develop and grow your business. From anticipation to execution, we have vast experience throughout. Check out our client list below and get in touch with questions.

  • Festo
    Pneumatic & Electric Automation Technology
    Did you know Festo makes moving animal-like robots? While making robotic kangaroos, spiders & jellyfish is amazing, they are mainly an engineering-driven company, producing and selling pneumatic and electrical control and drive technology for factory or process automation

  • ElectriTech
    Trusted and tried local manufacturers
    Also based in Melbourne, we have worked closely with ElectriTech for several capital projects. Highest quality in their electric control panel manufacturing, ElectriTech is a big deal

  • Amcor Asia Pacific
    Global Reach
    Our biggest client, Amcor is an Australian company that has an immense global reach, with operations in over 200 locations in over 40 countries. It is one of the biggest printing companies, specialising in flexible packaging, specialty cartons, and services for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care, and other products.

  • CCL Secure
    The global expert in polymer banknote substrate
    Wonder where polymer currency is made? CCL is located in Australia, Mexico & England, and provides its technologically advanced polymer banknotes to over 140 denominations and commemorative banknotes all over the world.

  • Control Logic
    Australian Owned & Operated
    With their own access to an extensive network of suppliers and products, Control Logic supplies a wide range of automation products

  • Challenger Valves And Actuators
    Local Manufacturers
    Based out of central Victoria in Australia, Challenger supplies a wide range of valves and actuators while ensuring the highest quality and standards

  • Encore Monitoring
    Gas Detection Specialists
    Another Australian business success story, Encore supply and service gas detection equipment to a range of industries. From fixed to portable measuring devices & even calibration gases, Encore is a mainstay in the gas detection field

  • Beckhoff
    Automation Specialists
    German automation engineering at its finest. Implementing open automation systems based on PC Control technology

  • Andrew Kohn
    Flexible Packaging Stalwarts
    For more than 60 years based in Melbourne along with warehouses across all states in Australia as well as New Zealand, Andrew Kohn has been an ever-growing supplier of high quality bags, flexibles and packaging materials for the consumer and industrial markets.

  • ABB
    Automation Specialists
    Working towards a sustainable future with ABB automation and power

  • Apta Automation
    Niche Industry Partner
    Apta Automation is a turnkey solution provider for various industry verticals. They work in collaboration with industry leaders in providing the best solutions to a wide range of jobs.

  • Sealed Air
    Global Giants
    Did you know Sealed Air invented Bubble Wrap? Initially designed to be wallpaper, the failed idea lead to it becoming an important ubiquitous product that revolutionalised packaging. Founded in USA in the 1960's, the company now extends to over 120 countries, has over 15,000 employees globally and has an annual revenue of >$4.7B USD. They have a wide range of products offered, from flexible packaging, to cartons, food packaging to pharmaceutical products.

  • PILZ
    Industrial Automation
    Initially launched as a glass-blowing business, PILZ is now a world leading company in programmable logic controllers, electronic control & monitoring devices as well as many other safety devices

  • MSA Company
    The Safety Company 
    Safety is the most critical part of any system, so it makes sense to partner with MSA to ensure all systems are safe for all personnel

    Industrial process air transportation equipment 
    Operating for nearly 20 years, INFINAIR is an innovative company which provides environmental and intelligent solutions for all aspects of ventilation systems in both private and public sectors

  • Honeywell
    Huge Multinational Conglomerate
    A Fortune 500 company with over 100 years of history, Honeywell is a major player in the field of consumer products & engineering services

  • Dwyer Instruments
    A lot of core Dwyer instruments go into the heart of our systems. Another successful, reliant company with a long history in Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Belimo
    Actuator Solutions
    Another market leader? Of course. Specialising in developing, manufacturing & marketing actuators, Belimo is a well trusted company in actuators around the world

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