Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments

Way back then, manufacturers considered energy costs as fixed costs of business. Due to long term supply contracts, these costs used to be unstable. But, higher volatility and higher levels of energy costs has resulted in greater pressures. And therefore, stronger focus in improving energy efficienciesWith a great experience in this field, GloTech offers a specialist team of engineers that has a deep knowledge on the production processes as well as various plants and equipment. As a result, this puts the company in a unique position. So they can undertake detailed energy assessments across customer’s plant sites in a complete and process- based manner. The rough outline of the energy assessment process adopted by GloTech team are as follows:


Install instrument at energy (Gas, electricity or steam) supply point

Review total supply to the plant

Distribution & analyse usage at department level

Analyse distribution & usage at machinery level

Examine efficiency of energy distribution and utilization across the plant

We check the installed utility and process equipment’s in terms of their design performance, actual set up, current energy efficiency and performance gap. This could be due to various reasons – process, maintenance, operation or the age of the equipment. Therefore, it allows us to understand and recommend improvements in processes that affect energy efficiency and energy cost reduction in Melbourne and across the plant.
The company presents the findings from energy assessment project to its customers due to the completion of energy assessment across nominated plant sites. Presentation covers a summary of current situation, qualified and quantified opportunities for energy cost reduction in Melbourne. Also, cost reductions and recommendations for improvement works including specific actions and expected costs thereof.  GloTech can also help with the actual implementation of the recommended improvement works, if the customer requires their assistance.
It has a successful track record of undertaking such energy improvement projects with actual energy cost reductions in Melbourne in the range of 20 – 30% of energy costs by its customers. The cumulative energy cost savings delivered by GloTech team are in the range of $4 – $5 million Dollars.