Did COVID-19 Help In Global Environmental Improvement?

Lockdown and quarantine procedures in effect worldwide significantly reduced human activity outdoors. Even companies with international experience in Environmental Engineering in Melbourne or say the biggest accounting firms in New York ceased operations temporarily.

As such, it has been observable that the horizon has cleared from smog. The sky also appeared bluer than ever. Obviously, most polluting agents have been put to a halt, at least temporarily. With pollution contributing factors stopped for the meantime brought about by COVID-19, is it safe to assume that the environment is healed?

COVID-19 and an improved environment

As per the recent pollution assessment, the lockdown has reduced overall energy consumption according to an energy assessment in Melbourne and other major cities worldwide. Transportation has also been greatly impacted as people were lawfully required to stay home. 

Minimal movement and traffic worldwide saw significantly reduced transportation demand. For one, its positive side meant less Nitrogen Oxide content in the air. According to NASA, there has been a total reduction of about 30 percent in Nitrogen Dioxide since April of this year.

Nitrogen Dioxide is dangerous and highly reactive. This harmful and deadly gas comes from fossil fuel combustion. Constant exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide may result in diseases such as cell inflammation and other respiratory-related health concerns. 

Is the improved environmental condition for the long haul?

Here is where reality bites. Unfortunately, the improved environmental condition is only TEMPORARY. This may mean that even the recipient of an award for engineering solutions in Melbourne or Tokyo needs to prepare for what’s ahead. They surely will have a lot of work to do.

In April 2020, global carbon emissions which clearly harm the environment decreased to an encouraging 17 percent as compared to April 2019. However, as of mid-June 2020, data shows that it is only lower by 5 percent from the last year of the same month. 

What’s alarming is that the global situation has not normalized yet in June 2020. It is predicted that activities may even double or triple once the war on COVID-19 ends. There definitely is a major need to make up for the time and profit lost. 

What should be done?

Clearly, there are a lot, beyond anyone’s imagination. The pandemic crippled several industries that gravely affected the livelihood of almost every human being on the planet. It is understandable that all measures have to be put in place to recover what was lost, if possible.

However, it is essential to find ways to gain profitability and overall economic recovery without harming the environment. As a matter of fact, big companies and corporations must seek the services of a company with an award in engineering solutions in Melbourne or other parts of the world for guidance and direction. 

These environmental engineering services and firms are well-equipped with an energy assessment, analytics, and methodologies to keep the environment in check. A firm with international experience in environmental engineering in cities like Melbourne, New Delhi, São Paulo, and others is needed more than ever.

Their expertise is necessary for providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to revive various affected companies and industries. They are able to do this while at the same time providing adequate regulated protocols for the overall protection of the environment as well.